About us

ARTeFACTo is a transdisciplinary studies journal and conference centred around the concept in the genesis of its name: digital media and computer artefacts.

It aims at giving visibility to all digital media and technology based artefacts, creators or contributors, from a transdisciplinary humanistic and holistic perspective of integration and composition.

The main objective is the construction and dissemination of knowledge through descriptions of artistic practice, authorship or co-authorship (including the narration and description of other works) and graphic data (images, diagrams, animations, drawings, sketches, among others).

The Journal is open to international contributions of all those involved in the study of the digital media / computer artefacts, embracing their conceptualisation, design, creative and research processes, computational implementation, exhibition and fruition as well their role on today’s information and knowledge society. Also welcomed are articles fostering the establishment of the conceptual foundations of an artefact theory in the digital media world. Accepted articles shall be original (in compliance with the standards of conduct of the COPE – Code of Conduct and Good Practices) in Portuguese and English, with a mandatory abstract in English.

The Conference has the same goals as the Journal however providing additionally a specific floor for concrete exhibition of artefacts along with their presentation and discussion.

All submissions will be evaluated by peer review, including two advisors from the Scientific Council. All feedback will be sent to the authors, indicating their approval, refusal of publication or requests for correction or recast. Once the entire selection process has been completed, the authors will be notified of the publication.

ARTeFACTo is a joint project between Artech International and Universidade Aberta.