Pedro Alves da Veiga

You&Me (the infinite constellation of our senses)

In the era of hyper-connectivity, human relations are paradoxically increasingly mediated by technology. So now the real challenge is to use art and technology in such a way that people are brought together in direct, unmediated communication and relationships. You&Me is an interactive installation that acts as a mirror, not a mediator, of human communication. Two interactors must use gestures and visual feedback or vocal communication in order to coordinately unlock six different poetic stages, each one a part of Casimiro de Brito’s poem “O Amigo” (The Friend), transformed into an audio-visual sensory explosion.

YOU&ME is an interactive generative installation destined to be used simultaneously by two people (you and me). It is based on the poem “O Amigo” (The Friend) by Portuguese author Casimiro de Brito. The poem is vividly populated by symbols and metaphors, which provided generous ground for multimedia interpretation. Each individual is thus represented by a floating, beating heart. Both are side by side, pulsating and floating over a sea of molecules, inspired by the role of the “love molecules” phenylethylamine, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Both individuals will need to work collaboratively in order to reveal the six metaphorical (and literal) parts of the poem, as a reward for their closeness and collaboration. As they achieve positive results in this endeavour, both hearts will start coming closer together, until they fuse in an explosion of sound, text, and images, like the euphoria of love, of which friendship is a manifestation.

Bio notes

Pedro is an artist and researcher. He holds a degree in Computer Science, a post-graduation in Advanced Studies of Digital Media Art and a Ph.D. in Digital Media Art (summa cum laude), following a two-decade business career in web-design and information systems, including the launch and sale of two IT companies. He is a member of CIAC – Centro de Investigação em Artes e Comunicação, where he is conducting research in multimedia generative systems and also on the impacts of experience, attention and ubiquity economies in digital art ecosystems. Since 2001 he has participated in several group and individual art exhibitions and projects, in visual arts, theatre and in digital media art.

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